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Aroma Bead Jar

This Aroma Bead Jar is perfect for freshening up small spaces like wardrobes, linen cupboards, cars etc. The sublte scent will last between 4 – 6 months. Once it wears off, it can easily be topped up with one of our fragrance oils.

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Available in these Ladies Fragrances:

Euphoria – Our interpretation of the fragrance by Calvin Klein. A provocative blend of pomegranate, persimmon, green notes, black orchid, lotus blossom, liquid amber, mahogany woods, black violet, and a cream accord.

Black Opium – Out interpretation of the Yves Saint Laurent fragrance. Our current best seller.

Mademoiselle – our interpretation of the classic Coco Chanel perfume. Citrus top notes of bergamot, orange and grapefruit wrapped with a heart of lush jasmine, rose and litchi. Warmed with patchouli, vetiver, vanilla and musk.

Amazing Grace – our interpretation of Philosophy’s bestselling, amazingly clean, and beautifully feminine scent

Angel– our interpretation of the Thierry Muglers  oriental gourmand fragrance.

Available in these Mens Fragrances:

Sauvage  –  our interpretation of the Dior fragrance. The current best seller in aftershaves

Acqua di Gio – our interpretation of the Giorgio Armani  cologne. A sexy, fresh, aquatic aroma.

Boss  – our interpretation of the Hugo Boss classic. Fresh and sharp

Available in these other Fragrances:

Black Raspberry Vanilla – True to the Bath & Body Works original. Sweet black raspberries with rich, velvety vanilla cream create a perfect balance of sweet and tart.


fragrance absorbing plastic beads, fragrance oil


Euphoria, Black Opium, Mademoiselle, No. 5, Romance, Be Delicious, Amazing Grace, Angel, Sauvage, Acqua di Gio, Boss, Black Raspberry Vanilla

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