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Car Bullet Diffuser

This elegant Car Bullet diffuser will effortless infuse your car for several months with a delicate scent of your choice. It’s not overpowering like so many commercial products. You chose the intensity by saturating the wooden lid. Best of all the diffuser is re-fillable. It comes in a beautiful clear pillow gift box.


Available in these Ladies Fragrances:

Euphoria – Our interpretation of the fragrance by Calvin Klein. A provocative blend of pomegranate, persimmon, green notes, black orchid, lotus blossom, liquid amber, mahogany woods, black violet, and a cream accord.

Black Opium – Out interpretation of the Yves Saint Laurent fragrance. Our current best seller.

Mademoiselle – our interpretation of the classic Coco Chanel perfume. Citrus top notes of bergamot, orange and grapefruit wrapped with a heart of lush jasmine, rose and litchi. Warmed with patchouli, vetiver, vanilla and musk.


Available in these Mens Fragrances:

Sauvage  –  our interpretation of the Dior fragrance. The current best seller in aftershaves

Boss  – our interpretation of the Hugo Boss classic. Fresh and sharp


Available in these other Fragrances:

New car leather – it simply smells like the leather interior of a new car

Black Raspberry Vanilla – True to the Bath & Body Works original. Sweet black raspberries with rich, velvety vanilla cream create a perfect balance of sweet and tart.



reed diffuser oil base, fragrance oil

How to Use:

– Twist and remove wooden bottle lid
– Remove plastic stopper
– Replace and tighten wooden bottle lid
– Tip bottle upside down for a few seconds so the wood absorbs the fragrance liquid. Do not oversaturate !
– Replace the wooden bottle lid ensure it is on tight
– Hang in your car or around home
– Repeat this process until desired fragrance level is achieved. Do not oversaturate !
– Once used up, the Fragrance liquid can be purchased as a refill on our website


Take care not to spill liquid. If leakage does occur clean surface immediately. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Ensure lid or fragrance liquid do not come into contact with any plastic, upholstery or painted surfaces. Keep out of reach of children. Remove bottle if travelling on bumpy roads. We take no responsibility for improper use.

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